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Hello There...

Hello, I'm Suj, a filmmaker and videographer based in London. I produce direct and edit films, Iv predominantly worked with fashion brands creating marketing films for their digital platforms.

My Story

I'm an all round creative, I've studied Graphic Design, Multimedia Arts, Acting and filmmaking, the latter I studied at Met Film School London.


I fell in love with films when I watched Star Wars as a child, and became a film fanatic from then on, I also fell in love with design and photography, and then after digesting all these ingredients I followed my passion for the art and craft the creative world firstly as a designer, and then finally a filmmaker.


I'm passionate about creating beautiful films that move people, and entertain people. I specialise in the fine art of video editing and creating a story, I can also jump behind the camera and shoot too, but this is an area I'm currently learning to become more proficient with.


I believe I have a unique flair to cut moving images and lay down sound to create a beautiful memorable moment, and create a powerful narrative.


I'm highly motivated and extremely passionate about my craft, Iv developed a solid foundation of skills over the years married with my love of design film and art in general, and I can create memorable beautiful visual moments.


I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Ilustrator, my forte is editing films, but I'm relatively handy behind the camera too, this is an area that I'm in the process of learning the finer details for.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

CV and references available upon request. Give me a shout :)

077 8230 6757

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